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A Freudian investment strategy

Jaideep Hansraj Understanding investments and therefore its process is a multi layered discipline. An investment plan is tailored for an individual keeping his requirements as the constant. Among the various attributes taken into consideration, one of the most important variables is the investor’s attitude towards risk. The challenge is to go under the surface and into the psyche of the investor in question. This makes the process psychologically intensive.

How can the High Net worth Investor Diversify?

Jaideep Hansraj

Investment planning for high net worth investors has evolved a lot over the last few years. While earlier we saw investment being advised by the family accountant, the planning was largely opportunistic and reactive. It rarely took into account the macro economic environment and was largely concentrated in a few asset class options. This practice has undergone a sea change with the emergence of two factors – availability of asset class options and the emergence of a structured wealth management system.

Professional Philanthropy

Jaideep Hansraj As an investor, you can engage the services of an investment firm offering transaction services,which encompass wide product range access,research and execution services