Need For Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of arranging and planning your succession and financial affairs. Estate Planning Services ensure the management of your Estate during and beyond your lifetime and plan your legacy.


Estate Planning helps you ensure the following:

  • Planning for harmonious succession and disposition of your Estate
  • Protection of your Estate with your family’s needs in mind
  • Effective management of your Estate during and beyond your lifetime
  • Preparing your Estate for unforeseen eventualities

The primary goal of Estate Planning is ensuring that the Estate of the individual passes to the Estate owner’s intended beneficiaries, often including efficient succession planning and avoiding or minimizing court proceedings in succession matters.

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Service Eligibility

Asset Advisory Services
Financial Assets of Rs. 5 crores and more
Family Office Services
Net Worth of Rs. 1 billion and more
Need for Estate Planning

Estate Planning includes the management of your Estate during and beyond your lifetime, to ensure the longevity of your Estate.

Ashish Khetan

Ashish Khetan Senior Executive Director - Wealth Management

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Jaideep Hansraj CEO - Wealth Management & Priority Banking

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Oisharya Das National Director - Client Relations

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Rajesh Iyer Senior Executive Director- Wealth Management & Head - Investment Advisory & Family Office

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Samira Bhargava Head South India – Wealth Management Services

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Srikanth Subramanian Senior Executive Director - Client Relations & Regional Head - North

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