Wealth Management

Before exploring investment strategies and planning, it is important to first gain an understanding of yourself and your needs. Basis this, your investment goals can be structured and the appropriate services can be employed to gather growth opportunities for your wealth.

Understanding Investment Needs

The following aspects will help you understand your investment needs better:

Transaction Services

Select investment avenues and arrange for transactions with knowledge of:

Asset Advisory Services

You can further opt for a structured service that steps in as your advisor.

Estate Planning Services

Fortifying your wealth over generations is carried out through Estate Planning.


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Service Eligibility

Asset Advisory Services
Financial Assets of Rs. 5 crores and more
Family Office Services
Net Worth of Rs. 1 billion and more
Wealth Management Process in India
"The thinking individual should designate an advisor who is a fitting counterpart to oneself"
- Translated from Kautilya's Arthasastra
Ashish Khetan

Ashish Khetan Senior Executive Director - Wealth Management

Jaideep Hansraj

Jaideep Hansraj CEO - Wealth Management & Priority Banking

Oisharya Das

Oisharya Das National Director - Client Relations

Rajesh Iyer

Rajesh Iyer Senior Executive Director- Wealth Management & Head - Investment Advisory & Family Office

Samira Bhargava

Samira Bhargava Head South India – Wealth Management Services

Srikanth Subramanian

Srikanth Subramanian Senior Executive Director - Client Relations & Regional Head - North

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